Growth Opportunities [Sandy Brubaker]

This past weekend my employer sponsered their ninth annual family friendly work conference at a hotel with a huge Waterpark. We were offered accredited classes, a free room and plenty of snacks including lunch for our families. 

Those  in attendance included employees from Registration Scheduling, Optometric Technicians  and Optical staff. Each group was offered  classes that would benefit their department and pertain to their position. We didn't reinvent the wheel but we recharged, attended classes,  bonded, laughed  and had a great chance for  positive growth.

My training was on new products, programs and insurances that our company is embracing in our near future. 

The motivational speaker, James Lyod, finished our Saturday morning with common sense reminders and relatable humor as he shared his life experiences. 

His presentation made me feel proud of my coworkers, throughout the organization. Especially as he shared his phone encounter with Rebecca, the Registration Scheduler he spoke with when making an eye appointment. We laughed as he repeated all the ridiculous things he said to Rebecca including his request for a male doctor because females were meant to be nurses.  Rebecca was an exemplary model when she kept her composure and responded positively. 
How we handle customers proves we have the power to change situations, shine our professionalism and make a difference.  

I feel lucky to be have this opportunity to attend these functions.  

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