Trunk Show Fun [Susan Halstead]

We are getting organized for our April Trunk Shows.  We host a different collection in our office every Wednesday during the month of April and our patients look forward to spending their income tax return money with us! 

This year we will be featuring Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Ray Ban, Etnia Barcelona and LaFont. Many of our patients come in each week and don’t make a final decision until the last show. 

Our busiest show is always La Font although, I suspect this year Etnia Barcelona will give them a run for their money!

We use Demand Force to promote the event to our data base and select our demographics very carefully. 92% of our buyers last year were women aged 32-64.  We also utilize co-op money to create a post card mailing and we have a very nice banner that we put up on our building during the entire month.

While previously we have also done radio spots, we have learned that these have become a less effective marketing tool for us, since listening options are so diverse now.

We have the reps arrive with their entire lines for the day (11-7pm) and we have mini-cupcakes and champagne flowing.  We also have each vendor donate an item for raffle and each person who stops in has an opportunity to drop their name in the raffle vase.  We pull our winners at the end of April and video the drawings and post them to Facebook. 

We utilize social media to promote each week Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are our primary go-to’s. 

Another inexpensive ad resource in our community that coincides nicely for us is the High School Musical Program.  Typically the show runs the last weekend in March and we take out a full page ad next to the list of acts and musical numbers.

Our staff loves these events as much as our patient base!  It gives both the opportunity to try on all the new styles released at Vision Expo and I learn which are most popular with my patient base and place my frame board roders accordingly.

It’s a lot of work with a great pay off!

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