Winter Blues [Jody A. Shuler]

Do the winter blues have you down? What are you going to do to get out of the funk? I try to crank it up when feeling down. It was quite a while ago that I realized I have a mild case of seasonal depression. So I decided I would try to brighten things up a bit during those times of the year when the sun doesn't shine so well or for too long. This latest addition to my wardrobe not only brightens my day with a whole lot of color it is also a tool in my sales arsenal. When my clients see this frame on me they automatically comment and smile and they also trust my fashion sense even more. Allowing me to help them push the envelope for them as well. So I get a brighter more cheerful day as well as happy clients and better sales. What could be a better set of ingredients to cheer up the winter blues!!

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