We Are Family [Dawn Myrtle]

This month’s blog was a hard one to write.  I apologize in advance for any disjointed thoughts or rambling. 

I live and work in a small-ish town, which is where I grew up. The practice I work for is staffed by people who have also lived in this town for many, many years. It’s a tiny little practice, with only the Doctor, the Office Manager, and me, the Optician. Obviously, we spend a lot of time together, and anyone who works knows that often, the people you work with become a sort of extended family. I’ve found that is magnified in a workplace this intimate—Dr. Devore and Susan ARE family at this point. While this is mostly a wonderful and rewarding work environment, it’s not without some challenges—what families don’t have them, right? We’re close here, and sometimes TOO close, maybe—we occasionally get in each other’s personal space and annoy with little habits and are in bad moods that translate as being angry with each other, even when we’re not. But, at the end of the day, like any family, we truly care and worry about and nurture each other. We break bread together, often. We know each other’s families. When one of us has a victory or milestone, we all celebrate it. When one of us has a loss, we all genuinely feel it. In the office, we still have patients, not “customers.” Our patients know us, and we know them and there’s that small town practice feel that’s becoming so rare in this age of HMO’s and electronic records. These are all things that you really can’t get working for corporate entities, at least not on the same level. It’s pretty amazing, actually. I’m a lucky girl to have this position at this practice.

Last week, one of us suffered a devastating loss. Susan lost her husband and soulmate to ALS. I just want to take this opportunity to honor Ron—he was a kind and loving man, and he will be greatly missed. 

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