MY NAME IS GINA AND I AM A GLASSES ADDICT name is Gina Kay and  I am a glasses addict. Phew! That feels good to get off my chest.  I have been addicted since I first begged my optometrist father to give me glasses when I was 12 years old. I am now 46 and for the past 34 years I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses every day. I am more than ok with wearing specs, in fact, I can’t get enough. I am never satisfied when I get a new frame. It is never enough. I am always looking for the next buzz and high from finding the just right cat eye, the best red, the perfectly placed crystal, the ideal bridge...the list goes on and on. I am selfish too. Always looking out for myself first when new product is shown to me, not immediately thinking about what the clients want but what I want or what frame I want my guy to wear. I never want to forget the men! I know if I am excited about a product it will translate that into sales and our clients will be excited too.
So, I have admitted I have a problem and now what?? I should apologize to all those people I have told their glasses were ugly, dated, aging and boring. I am sorry...but I still want you to change your frames. I don’t need you to buy expensive designer eyewear. I want to look at your face, personality, lifestyle and prescription. I want you to be you.. but with better glasses. I know it’s a lot to ask a pair of frames to change your life but I do think it’s possible. I once sold a pair of glasses to a young doctor who was a very high minus and needed a big change. I remember telling him that if he listened to my advice and upgraded his lenses and frames it would change his life. He listened and more than 5 years later he contacted me. He confided that the day after he picked up his new glasses he was interviewed for, and offered the job of his dreams. This led him to find the love of his life and now was married and happy. His job had taken him out of town and that’s why he hadn’t been in touch but he truly believed the glasses changed the direction of his life. WOW...great story right?
Now, come on baby... I know you want to try those hot pink and sparkly cat eyes. Just do it once and I promise you that you will never feel soooo good! Okay, you might still buy the tortoise shell ones but just for a minute...didn’t it feel amazing! Next time....I’ll get you next time.

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