Decrease your lab bill and speed your turn around time! [Katie Lauver]

Tired of waiting 1-2 weeks for your jobs to come back from your lab? Having patients complain about the wait on their glasses, or request to have a pair rushed? All of these issues can be remedied along with decreasing your lab bill by edging your jobs in house.

There are many different edging systems available with basic and complex capabilities. If your looking to edge basic jobs such as grooves, plastics and metals, the Santinelli LE-700 is a perfect example of an instrument to use. It cuts jobs promptly, polishes lenses, and puts a safety bevel on the backside to eliminate any edge sharpness. More complex edgers such as Essilor's Mr. Blue will do everything from basic edging to drill mounts.

Be edging lenses in house, you can decrease your turn around time for your patients, as the lab will be able to send uncut jobs much faster than complete one's. Most uncut jobs can be delivered over night or at the most, within two days. Edging in house will also decrease your lab bill, as uncut lenses are much cheaper than finished jobs.

Talk to your lab about their uncut job pricing and speak with a rep from your favorite edging manufacturer to see how you can trial an edger in your office to help both your practice and your patients!

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