Choo! Choo! All Aboard The Blue Light Train! [Joselle Stumph]

Like so many other offices we were ready to get on board a blue light train. Picking a lens to offer our patients proved harder than we thought it would be. After much research we went with "Indigo", a blue light filtering anti-reflective coating from iCoat. Indigo features selective blue light blocking technology that reduces high-energy blue-violet light exposure. That means that it should reduce digital eye strain and visual discomfort caused by blue light while still allowing "good" blue light to come though for increased clarity. In other words, hours of video games, blog writing, Ebay shopping, or Facebook trolling should become more comfortable. Isn't that fun!?  The coating itself also helps protect against scratches, dust, moisture, smudges and back surface UV reflections. 

I got a pair in my awesome new Prodesign 1750 and feel like it really is different, almost "soothing" to wear in the office. I do think it is a great product to offer our patients and with the technology driven world we live in I don't believe it will be hard for them to see the benefits.

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