OptiCon [Susan Halstead]

I just returned from a fabulous weekend in Nashville where I attended my first ever OptiCon. I have to say, I was impressed with the course selections and with the speakers!

I don't know why this wasn't on my radar previous years but perhaps it was because I was in need of Continuing Ed hours this year and I was actively looking for a fun way to obtain them. 

I typically do a lot of hours on-line but I think it's fun to go to conferences and get recharged at least yearly.

OptiCon was different than other conferences I've attended in the past in that it is so specific to Opticians and has a fabulous selection of courses.

My practice has been fitting Ortho-k lenses for a year and half and we are now starting to fit hybrids and sclerals. The conference had several excellent courses and included a hands-on practical class with expert contact lens fitters who offered great tips and advice.

I enjoyed sitting down to lunch with table of strangers and brainstorming about some of the things they are doing in their practices that are working and things that aren't.

I spoke with several vendors and am implementing some new marketing and social media assistance to work with our current systems as well as adding a frame line and ordering a CL Fit set.

I learned about some new lens products that are available (i.e. Gradient Transitions in grey and brown) and overall just had a very positive experience!

I also enjoyed the group trip to downtown Nashville for some band-hopping with my husband and again having a chance to network with my peers in an exciting environment.

I am back to share with my staff all the fun new stuff I learned and we are all riding the post-show high as a result!

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