The Struggle is Real [Joselle Stumph]

I wake up everyday with the full intention of making a dent in my forever long list of "chores" for the office. But at the end of each day I have also added five more things to that list. When we purchased this office we also purchased the interior design and "look". We did a little remodeling and updating before we opened but didn't want to break the bank. So needless to say, lots of these things on my list are office beautification and improvement chores. Which all seem to cost quite a bit of money. I am having a very hard time knowing the difference between what needs to be done and what can wait. I also want brand new amazing frame lines and new carpet, but alas I know I have to wait till we make that dough. All of that being said.... I have a "dream book" that I store all my ideas and wants in. Everyday that I get to cross one off is a really great day!

This was my first want that got crossed off. A light box in an awkward wall that I painted black. 

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