Happy Thoughts for Happy Peeps [Tracy Mast]

In the small town that I am from the slogan is "Life is better here." At Smoke Vision Care we truly believe this.  Everyone on our staff works towards happiness daily because if we're happy we will make the patients happy, and making the patients happy is what makes us happy. Now I'm not saying we don't have our bad days, but at the end of everyday we thank each other for the help, and make the best of the situations that arise. We care about each other, and each patient. To some this may sound exhausting, but that's what sets us apart from the rest, our caring service, and in the ever-changing market that's what we choose to be known for.  Making the best of everyday and appreciating each other has helped us build a team that is second to none.  It has taken us awhile, but by building this environment our days and our patient's experiences have improved. So to anyone out there that wishes to have happy peeps, start with yourself, be the example, and keep at it daily. By doing this you'll attract more happy, caring peeps and soon your team will be known for it's awesome care and fun environment, and patients won't be able to not rave about their experiences.

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