Educating vs. Selling in Optical [Marcus McNeilla]

For so many of us in this incredible profession, we long to ensure that professionalism, education, and strategic insight into coming trends and advanced lens designs set us apart from your average "order taker".

As opticians, as recently stated from a referring optometrist to SEEK EYE CARE, he would never want our job. He realizes the value we bring to the eyecare experience by consistently being on the cutting edge of not only trends in fashion, but the latest offering in digital technology from wearables to free form lens designs. Not to mention the increasing prevalence of blue-violet light emitted from our digital devices.

This should inspire us. The should give us drive on a daily basis to share this vast wealth of information with each consumer we meet. Especially families with young children that are completely unaware of the damaging effects of digital devices, and to monitor more closely the amount of time spent by our kids daily.

As professionals in this industry, we are expected to give only the best care and service. It is with this combination, that we are able to make customers for life that are built on trust and respect.

So go forth daily, do your best, be your best, and you will be highly recognized and appreciated as a stand out from the others.

Be blessed in all you do,


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