Renovations! [Susan Halstead]

I have owned my practice for nearly 18 years.  During that time, I have updated carpets, ceilings, frame displays and counters.  I have painted walls and purchased equipment (GDX, fundus camera, corneal topographer, auto refractor, etc) and we have been using EMR for nearly 10 years.  In the past few years I have begun to plan for my eventual exit strategy, which includes providing room for future growth. I spent months working with a contractor and an architect to develop a floor plan that would maximize our existing work space but included giving up part of my home’s living space.  (My office is wrapped around my house in an L shape.)

We worked until 6pm on December 17th and then moved everything out of the office and closed down.  Demolition was done by noon on December 18th.  We re-opened on December 29th and have been fully operational while the finishing work continues for the last month.

The results are an amazing transformation.  What previously felt like an office attached to a home has turned into an office that feels warm with the look of a modern boutique, and is now completely separate from the house!  We have tripled our inventory capability and now have three exam rooms and a pre-test room enabling two full-time doctors to work simultaneously.  We also created a larger staff office with a break room. 

We will soon be handicapped-accessible and have paved parking in what is now the backyard of the house, which will eliminate patients having to park on the busy street.

These changes will allow me to sell my practice down the road and charge rent for the office space, which now has separate electric, heat, sewer and water.  Previously, I just split the utility charges between the office and the house.

Staff and patients love the changes we have made and I feel confident that we will continue to experience tremendous growth as a result of the changes.

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