Winter Wonderland

Even though it’s still technically fall, winter has definitely hit Upstate NY.  The days are so much shorter, the temperatures are starting to creep into the below freezing numbers, and already, we’re starting to get the winter time blues. 

I take a lot of inspiration from Anthropologie window displays, and decided that we really needed to do a winter vacation theme this year.  We got some really fun Kate Spade sunglasses, some beautiful retro ProDesign frames, and some pretty nature inspired Koalis, and created an “Escape” story board.

The top shelf is devoid of frames—just a snowy backdrop (cotton balls on fishing wire) with a lone passport sitting on a snow covered field.  In the center, we attempted to create a travel scene of sorts—we’ve got an airplane coming in over a cruise ship floating in the ocean for a landing on a sunny beach.  Here, we highlight several sunglasses, including two glitter-ful Kate Spades.   The bottom shelf is meant to be under the ocean.  We’ve got some pretty jellyfish floating around some of our new Prodesigns and Koalis, using some bright metal fish and interesting seashells as risers. 

Hope you enjoyed our little winter escape! 

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