Spreading Holiday Cheer in the Office

Around the holidays when most shopping destinations are taken over by mobs of crazed shoppers searching for discounts, the optical industry sits back and enjoys the show. We still get our fair share of HSA spenders, but with more companies now providing rollover on HSAs, the "insurance week" we once knew is over. We used to be able to depend on the buzz, but this year we get to be different. We get to maintain focus on creating memorable experiences, we get to take our time with our patients to give them the best service we can, and from the business angle, there's still PLENTY we can do to bring people in during the winter months.

The major message of this blogpost is:

Happy employees = happy patients = better bottom line

I figured I'd compile a list of winter-specific ideas that could make your office feel more festive during the last few weeks of December:

  1. Burn a candle, my favorites for this time of year are cinnamon or evergreen
  2. Send out season's greetings cards to local businesses and clients
  3. Decorate the windows with a religion-neutral holiday display (poinsettias, birch trees, snowflakes etc) to attract foot traffic
  4. Treat every client like Santa is watching... clients deserve to be treated warmly, patiently, and like they are the most important person in the world to you at that moment
  5. Play instrumental or unique versions of favorite holiday songs, so that you can create a feeling of holiday spirit without pulling your hair out
  6. Create a holiday contest, have patients enter to win something specific, like a pair of polarized sunglasses to help beat winter glare
  7. Organize a holiday event (while it's late to start planning for this year, think ahead to next year!)- something that both your employees AND your clients can enjoy. Contact local breweries, cake shops etc to create partnerships that allow you to promote their business in return for donated food/drinks
  8. Offer to donate a small portion of December's sales to a local shelter or charity, this can sometimes enable you to get free press, and will help everyone feel good and increase the bottom line
  9. Always have something warm to offer your clients like coffee, hot cocoa or tea
  10. Bring in some fresh baked cookies (baked by you, or a local gem) to offer to your clients

There are so many ways to make the experience of purchasing new eyewear fun and memorable, this list is not "all inclusive" and I've always got patient satisfaction on the brain. Please message me, or leave a reply if you want any help thinking of some new ways to spruce up your shop with a little holiday cheer :)

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