Break Your Glass Ceiling Sight Above Industry Averages

By Renee Jacobs, O.D., M.A.

There is a definite process for creating a top-tier eye care business. It is not easy to come by. It is not easy to use. Yet, great leaders discover a path, to the top, time and again. Top tier practices DO Exist! Success can be achieved! Most businesses use industry averages for benchmarking. They compare their own sales indicators against industry average. Do you want an average business, or do you want a top-tier business?

Most business leaders settle for the status quo. Think about yourself, think about your staff. Do you settle for the status quo? Is anyone a status quo-aholic? That is a person who says "why change; if it ain't broke don't fix it". Average business leaders create their own glass ceiling, satisfied to achieve industry standards. There is a definite process for creating a top-tier eye care business. Identify your current status, and then set about improving performance. Learn to break your own records. One you master the process, you can realize revenue per patient that you never even knew existed.

Step One: Communicate A Compelling Vision Rally your troops around a common mission, an objective that every individual can become passionate to achieve. Work with your staff to discover the best words. Create expressions that every individual can champion. Together, agree to be the business that helps every single patient completely understand the lens products for best possible vision, comfort, and safety. Then live your mission. Activate words plus behaviors.

Step Two: Begin Steady Evolution There is a relationship between communicating value and improving sales indicators. Current sales indicators set the bar. Measures prove that better messaging increases targeted sales. Top tier businesses study sales indicators to identify the patients who do understand value, those who purchase exactly the lens product(s) that the doctor prescribes. In addition, top tier businesses study indicators toward identifying the patients who were not convinced regarding the value. Identify the patients who do not purchase all of the prescribed lens products. Then brainstorm better communication strategies. Improve "show and tell" words and demonstrations. When decision-makers understand value, they will prioritize purchasing lens products for best vision, comfort, and safety. Sales indicators move up, establishing a new bar.

Every patient population is unique. Your community will have a distinct mix ages, education and socioeconomic levels, and cultures. This is why no vendor can provide the best words and behaviors to communicate value to your patients. Learning to influence sales is a process of trial and error. Only you and your staff can evolve the most powerful messages, thereby establishing a new high bar. Celebrate, and then break that ceiling too!

Dr. Jacobs is a guest blogger for HOYA Vision Care, Optometrist, ABO Certified Speaker, Eye Care Professional Magazine Contributing Author, Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board Member and Contributing Author, Consultant and Master Degreed Educator.

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