4 Points to Recharge Your Talk With Parents

4 Points to Recharge Your Talk with Parents

By Dr. Thomas Gosling

Getting patients to understand, accept and then act on AR treatment for their glasses is difficult, especially for kids. Parents are reluctant to spend extra money on their kids' glasses. Typical objections we all hear include, "Their prescription is going to change again soon anyway," or "They are really rough on their glasses so spending money on good ones will be waste." 

When I'm seeing patients, the way I explain the the necessity of Recharge AR treatment to parents is with these four points:

  1. Macular damage from HEV light (Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, TV) is an accumulation effect over a lifetime. Similar to UV damage to the skin over time.
  2. Our children are smaller and shorter and thus hold their digital devices closer. Effectively increasing the amount of HEV light to the eyes.
  3. Our children have larger pupils allowing more HEV light to enter the eyes 
  4. Our children have pristine lenses that allow HEV light to enter at full strength.

Recharge AR treatment adds durability their child's lenses, protecting from scratching, smudging and dirt.

Parents get it when I present it like above.

Also, HOYA is empowering independent practices like ours through science, technology and innovation to help us differentiate our brands. Here are a few tools available to help you be more successful:

  1. Patient brochures for RechargeSync, and Phoenix.
  2. "Engaging with Today's Parents to Promote Pediatric Vision" (white paper)
  3. "Strategies for Keeping Purchases at Independent Practices" (white paper)
  4. Super Kidz Lens and AR package pricing 
  5. A & A Optical Back to School Frame and Lens Packages

The "Back to School" season is almost here and these tools will help you maximize your potential.

Dr. Thomas Gosling practices in Littleton, CO and is on HOYA's ECP Advisory Panel.

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