Mitten State Pride

In my city there is a huge push for locally produced goods and locally grown food. This translates to create an unmatched thirst for unique products and experiences linked to our shared love of the mitten state.

We've just started carrying a line designed out of Flint, MI called A Frames. This brand is altruistic, inventive and easy to style. I'm wearing the best selling Bengal frame in the picture.

Wes, from A Frames had this to say about his brand, "Aframes is a cause driven brand that combines a handcrafted product with a mission. Aframes donates a portion of each purchase of glasses to distribute vitamin A supplements in developing nations. Along with their cause, Aframes is just as dedicated to the style and quality of their eyewear. That is why their frames are handmade by craftsman in Istanbul, Turkey using only the finest Italian materials."

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