I Take Care of Your Frames

I have had the unique privilege to work in a variety of optical settings during my five years as an optician.

Starting out with the biggest corporation in our industry allowed me to enter an intense training program that built the foundation for why I love optics. I excelled in the development of my staff and through training others regionally I was able to develop my skills in a number of different environments.
I've also had the opportunity to work for a small corporation limited to a regional presence. Because the smaller corporation was local, I was able to implement practices and ideas on a broader level by having direct communication with the corporate staff.

My current position is at Sight Optical Boutique. SIGHT is a local, independent eyewear boutique located in the East Hills district of Grand Rapids, MI. Award winning design and service, SIGHT is truly a local treasure that brings diverse, big-city style to West Michigan. As one of two opticians the store's affluence is contingent on my success in developing relationships with my patients and providing them with stylish, personalized eyewear that meets their optical and lifestyle needs.
I couldn't have planned my optical training better than how it turned out. I am so grateful to my mentors along the way, and I look forward to being able to use this blog to both learn from and give back to my fellow opticians.

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