Giving Thanks

There are so many things to be thankful for this year. In the context of optics, I have grown immensely and had some wonderful experiences.

I'm so thankful for all of the amazing people I've met in this industry over the past year. Designers, reps, other opticians, you each have inspired me in different ways. I wouldn't have had many of these experiences if Mike McConnell, my employer at SIGHT Optical Boutique, hadn't taken me under his wing. As a veteran of the industry he has shown me the ropes, and continues to encourage me to grow in new and different ways.

This past year working for SIGHT has been such a rewarding experience. Because we are a small boutique, I have had many opportunities to broaden my skill set. Beyond building my skill set, it has been an absolute ball. We have hosted events such as new product launches and Art in Sight (where we showcase a local artist). Those events were both great at creating a buzz about our boutique, and also allowed us time to network and have fun!

I hope that this next year proves to be as exciting as the past year-- and being an official contributor on DailyOptician is a great start!!

Thank you @DailyOptician for the opportunity to be a part of this positive, open community of opticians!

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