A Pair to Learn From

I am very fortunate to work in a busy and thriving practice where the staff, and myself, gets to see quite a diverse range of patients and eyes. Many Opticians don't get to see the things I've seen at this practice in my short six year period. Most recently I made some new lenses for bioptic glasses, which are made for those with low vision. A small telescope is mounted to the bridge, coming through the lens for the patient to easily tilt their head and look through the scope. The scope is used for spotting and not meant to be continuously looked through, sort of how we would glance at our rearview mirror. The patient is required to take a course in how to use the glasses, and in some states they are illegal to use while driving.

I love seeing these cases and being able to work for a practice and with a lab that gives us the ability to serve the patient in the best possible way.

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