11th Annual Fall #Frame Festival

Weiss Eyecare Clinic hosts our annual Fall Frame Festival (FFF for short!) on the third Thursday of October. In 2004 it all began and our office was the only one in the area to offer such an event. Now we are one of three. We focused then on making it elegant and about pampering yourself. In addition to 2-3 frame vendors showcasing a frame line, we invited local business to offer services such as foot/neck/shoulder massages, and hand treatment demonstrations, such as Mary Kay's Satin Hands. Discounts on frames of 50% and 30% off sunglass frames with lens discount on the latest PAL lens. We serve hor d'oeurves (one or two years we had a Tastefully simple rep prepare and serve food-big hit! Or we have it catered or we buy the food), bottles of water with our logo, coffee and apple cider. Last year we had a local liquor store staff member serve wine, which also was a big hit with our patrons!!

All the staff wore glasses and dressed in black blazers, black dress pants and a button down collared shirt. Now our attire no longer includes the blazer as we generally were too warm to wear it all day. We haven't had any other outside businesses come in for a few years due to no longer having the space for them.

Advertising in the local paper or surrounding area newspapers, radio and personal invitations to our patients, using our website, social media are ways we have promoted our show.

Every year we have 2-3 frame vendors displaying their frames using 3-4 six or eight foot tables per vendor. Dr Weiss' family has helped out every year. Her mom greets everyone as they come in and they can register for door prizes. She also hands them a bag with our giveaway items in it as they leave. We always give away small bottles of lens cleaner, an imprinted cleaning cloth, pens and one or two other items we have ordered in for the show. In the past we have done pizza cutters, lighted keychains, ice cream scoopers, cooler bags, coozies, kitchen scissors with a magentized cover, etc. Her dad is in charge of the food and beverages, making sure everyone has something to drink or eat. The first two years, he wore a tux and carried a platter of food around! Her sisters have also helped out.

There is usually a lens rep available that day as well. Jean from HOYA has been here the past 4 or so years to help with lens sales or frame selections. She is a book of knowledge and extremely helpful explaining options to the patients!

This day is a lot of work for the months leading up to the day and of course for a month or so afterwards as all frame and lens orders are coming in. But it is so much fun for us and the patients!

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