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Patients Told Us They Are Looking for Relief from Blue Light Fatigue

HOYA Vision Care recently commissioned a consumer research study to test market messaging options with eye care patients. "Strategies for Keeping Purchases at Independent Practices: Prescribing for Blue Light Overexposure http://bit.ly/KeepingPurchases" is the title of the study's results report that summarizes the research findings and offers independent ECPs easy to implement tactics.

Respondents in the study shared with HOYA: 1. They had either never heard of blue light or only associated it with sleep patterns, rather than eye health 2. Acknowledged that blue light can cause macular degeneration, though such terms were viewed as scare tactics 3. They would listen to their eye doctor's recommendations with regard to blue light protection 4. News articles and medical studies helped validate the information they were presented 5. They are seeking good value - which doesn't always mean lowest price

The study provides details on how to utilize the exam as an opportunity to present the issue of blue light with your patients. Practical tips, data points and life style questions are just some of the tools included. In addition there is a section that outlines when offering HOYA lenses and treatments, such as Sync http://bit.ly/10zLCxdand Recharge http://bit.ly/14Gl0fo, would be most beneficial.

Download your copy of "Strategies for Keeping Purchases at Independent Practices: Prescribing for Blue Light Overexposure. http://bit.ly/KeepingPurchases"

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