Kids See Free

The kids are back to school and we are about to "refocus" our marketing efforts to have wider appeal, but first I thought I would share the results of our August and September push to get kids in for annual examinations. We offer free lenses for kids under the age of 12 with the purchase of a frame. This has proven to be very beneficial and results in multiple pairs purchased. We sell rec-specs and sunglasses like crazy and we sell transitions as an add on to almost every single child that needs full time wear glasses.

The offer does not include added treatments or coatings and we apply a single vision lens credit if the child is a bifocal or progressive lens wearer. We share the posters with local pediatricians and send to school nurses. Parents love this promotion and we edge all jobs in house to reduce lab fees.

At the same time we offer a second pair of lenses for half off to patients over the age of 12. This also goes a long way with older kids and parents deciding now is a good time for a second pair or Rx suns. For this promotion our lab also offer us the same discount of second pair of lenses purchased at half off. So it is extremely profitable for us.

I would highly recommend working with your lab to obtain discounts that you can share with your patients that improve your bottom line as opposed to offering discounts without a way to offset them.

Patients love to get a good deal and a good lab will work with you to enable everyone to benefit from the increased production and resulting revenues.

We promote our sales and specials through social media, radio and our local newspaper along with direct mail post cards via Demand Force. I author articles for the local paper in order to obtain discounted ad rates and prefer to utilize the free weekly paper as opposed to the daily paper that requires a paid prescription.

I'd love to hear what your back to school promotions are and if you have found them to be effective! Please contact me with any information that you are willing to share!

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