"Training!!" to keep up with the ever changing world of eye care!

As you all know, eye care is always changing. With styles, insurances, health do's and don't's, terms, and new technology, staying informed is difficult at times. So what do you do to stay connected and make sure all staff is educated and on the same page? My staff and I have a couple different strategies we do to keep up and stay competitive. To continue education and be informed about changes, we read and share articles. Labs send articles, insurance companies send articles, and of course the web is endless; however not always the most reliable source. We also do mock conversations with 'patients' (other staff members), so we are able to weather questions and concerns that patients may have. Tomorrow for a training lunch, we will be walking through an entire exam starting at the initial greet and finishing with the check out. I believe this will also help with staff members understanding others's roles and how each is important to our practice.