Forcing Efficiency

Have you thought about how you can make your practice run for you while you are closed? Your business should still work for you even if you are not open. How so? Take advantage of every opportunity in helping your patients. Think about why patients call. They call to schedule an appointment, ask if you accept their insurance, what your hours are or if you carry a specific frame line. All of the top ten reasons you get phone calls should be answered on your website and available for patients to read at any hour of the day. 

Our practice recently had a major website overhaul addressing these concerns of ours. 

This day in age you should be able to schedule online. There are several services available that are compatible with many different practice management software programs. You will most likely find one that is exactly what you're looking for. 

Don't know how to update your website? Now is the time to figure it out. It is imperative that you make the time and put it into your online image, this is the face of your business and what all potential patients see. Every single page on your website should be current with content and images and should be updated regularly. 

Take the time to make your website what it should be, what your practice deserves, and it will be worth it