Do You Love Your Practice Management Software?

Well, do you? Do you even use practice management software? I'm not talking about a schedule in a computer program, I'm talking about scheduling, managing recall, tracking inventory and all of your patients medical records and invoicing (and a whole lot more). 

A few years back our practice switched software and it really opened our eyes to what we could have been doing more of, earlier, and much easier. For no other reason than I love the software we use am I endorsing this product. We chose to go with Crystal PM (practice management). Crystal PM is a robust program that does nearly everything we have needed it to or thought up. 

I'm not going to list a bunch of their features but I am going to tell you how great their support team is. They have "people" who are experts in every aspect of their program and are very timely. Crystal also proactively updates their software for new features and changes in the industry. 

If you're looking for software that can do more for you or need to get  from paper charts, check them out!