Magical AR Glasses

I realize I look ridiculous and these are a terrible fit, but I just had to choose the biggest and baddest house frame we had to make these special glasses. As you can see, one lens has AR and one does not. Yes, we do have a great AR lens demo from Zeiss that shows how beneficial AR can be, but this... this is big ol' ugly beast has magical sales powers. "Why should I get Anti-Reflective coating on my lenses" or "They're cheaper without the coating" is often the question that sparks these beauties to come out of the special case in the special drawer. When I put these on not only does the patient see how AR can benefit their vision and cosmetics, but they also get a good laugh, and eventually try them on themselves. It's a great conversation piece and I surely don't mind looking a bit ridiculous for patients, considering these glasses have a 100% sales conversion rate.