Be the BEST!

Have you thought about really putting some effort into getting your name out there, and not spending actual dollars, but just your time? Each year a local Seattle television show and news channel hosts a "Best Of" contest, this year having 221 categories and over 400,000 votes! That is a lot of visibility! Our practice was nominated in the "Best Eyewear" category and before we really knew it the voting was closed. We managed to get out one or two Facebook posts, but that's all the promotion we actually did. Having said that, we placed in the top ten of the contest! We have already made plans to market on a much larger scale for next year's contest, and anticipate a higher placement. We're fortunate to practice in a community where our patients are willing to participate and help us in the polls. Have you participated and promoted your business in a similar contest in your area? Have you thought about it?