Socks. We found a way to advertise our brand to our customers in their own bedrooms, to whisper in their ears as they're still putting on their underwear, and to be one of the last logos they see before they go to bed. Socks.

Most of our customers are sporty, or sport-oriented, or have many occasions when they could use a good pair of sport socks, so we had a bunch made up and we give them out when we can to customers we feel deserve them. Fun customers. Customers with impressive reserves of patience and understanding. Loyal, return customers or engaging, new customers. Customers who might enjoy socks.  

And the glorious result is that they not only rep for us and wear our brand around their ankles for people to see, but the much cooler thing is that something with our name on it gets incorporated into their lives. It's a way for us to be more than prescription eyewear and make a step towards being a company of culture. Photos like this one aren't about eyewear, they're about Sports Optical being worn on top of a mountain.