Cazals, man.

The Legends. Not many of our customers can pull off Cazals. Not many people anywhere can pull them off. They're oversized and bold and sharply geometric and they shout from your face so loudly that if your character isn't of a certain substance and style the glasses end up wearing you. Every now and then someone picks one up and puts it on and walks to the mirror (and I love watching this moment because you suddenly see the person stand up a little straighter). They step back and then step in for a close-up. They smile, because it's really all you can do when you've got a Cazal on your face and it looks that good on you. They give themselves a double-take because they see a slightly cooler face than the one that walked into the store a moment ago. 

"Oh man"

They say these things to themselves, not to be heard but just because noises slip out. It's about them, in this moment. It's about their personal transformation behind the frame. It's about accepting what they see and liking it. 

And then they buy the Cazals. 

Shown here is an 866 we just got in, but I wear the 858 with a custom Rx lens, gradient tint. It's my party frame.