Making the Magic Happen!

Ok, this will expose me as an “Old Schooler”. An Antique! Maybe I’m just stubborn. Three decades ago, I had the privilege of working for a Master Optician out West. Not only did he still have all the equipment to fabricate glass lenses, he also had every Plier, Screwdriver, File, Frame Stretcher, Protracting thingy imaginable! He would revel in explaining to anyone who would listen how each one had it’s specific use. Usually while smoking a cigar down to its nub, It was fascinating!

Owen was in his 80’s then. His son was now running the business so he would just come in a few hours a day. He was a very colorful character. I once went to him with a decentering quandary, not quite sure if I could cut a lens to fit. “Fill The Hole Bobby”! Great advice from a Master Optician.

In his honor, I have attached a picture of my work bench. You see, I have tried to simplify my life by sticking with what I know best. I know I’m damn good at adjusting frames and it doesn’t take $1000 worth of tools to do it. I spend hours at that Magic bench every week. The result maybe a client (or potential) saying “nobody has taken the time to make sure my glasses fit until now”! or “You fixed them when other offices said they couldn’t”.

Thanks Owen for teaching me how to use all those tools. Been a long time since I smelled a cigar in an Optical Store.