Eyewear Design Contest

Here are pictures of me addressing the Kendall School of Design (Grand Rapids) Industrial Design class (14 students in all). Their Spring Semester project is to submit designs to the OWP International Eyewear Design Contest. Submissions are due by the end of March. Winners in several categories will be notified in May. Designs to be used for eventual production are paid a fee. Having had exposure to design & manufacturing during my optical career, I can tell you this is one of the best feelings anyone in this business can have. The possibility of seeing something you had a hand in creating actually making it to a consumable product is awesome. Working with excited young minds is invigorating as well. I will be attending two more classes to consult/ critique/ judge. The School will also be hosting a public reception in April. Design collaborations are always exciting. Weather it's furniture, apparel, transportation or eyewear, when creative people share ideas & concepts, new directions result. If D.O. members are in an area populated with Industrial Designers (you may not even realize it), there may be an opportunity to create an exhibition interesting enough to market to the public in order to educate the public and raise peoples opinion of quality eyewear design & the creativity involved.