How many pairs of glasses does an Optician need???

There are many different opinions on Opticians wearing glasses.  Some people say that Opticians don't need to wear glasses to sell them, they just need to understand the products that they are selling and sales will come naturally from there.  Other people say that Opticians who actually wear glasses themselves are better able to sell them to their patients/clients.  Some people think an Optician only needs a pair or two of glasses.  Others think that a whole roomful isn't enough.  So, how does one decide on the best policy for Opticians and their eyewear?  While I do think much of this is personal opinion, my experience as an Optician who wears eyewear has taught me this. When an Optician wears glasses themselves and has the opportunity to wear a variety of frame brands and look through a variety of lens designs, they become much more adept at actually selling these products to their patients.  Being able to actually experience something yourself is very different than just reading about it.  If you can try a particular brand in a frame line yourself, wear it all day long and find that it really does hold its' adjustment, feel comfortable, and wear well that is very valuable information.  Likewise, if you can look through different lens designs and actually experience the sharpness and clarity differences between standard and digital lenses, where distortion is showing up (yes, this is for Progressive lens wearers here), and experience how different styles of lenses offer different benefits for different activities, then your own personal experience becomes very valuable to your patients and builds trust between you.  Another reason I think it is good for Opticians to wear eyewear is that it can demonstrate the fun of bringing fashion into our eyewear decisions.  If a patient or client sees you wearing a bold, artsy frame, sometimes this is just what they need to give themselves "permission" to try such a thing.  So, while in the end each one of us needs to make our own decision on this, I personally recommend getting as many pairs of eyewear as you can and having the most fun possible with them all!