C.E. Rocks!!

As an Optician there are many ways that we can educate ourselves and grow and learn on a regular basis.  The Optical industry is changing and evolving all the time and there is always something new on the market to learn about.  That is so exciting and it is one of the things that makes me love my job!  Continuing Education is so easy to come by as well.  There are online courses that you can take, magazines that we read that provide Continuing Education credits, and of course there are conferences.  Lots of conferences!  My personal favorite way to get my C.E. is through conferences.  This provides me with a wonderful way to combine many of my loves: networking with other professionals in the industry, traveling, and learning.  How fantastic is that?! Although I have never been to an Optical conference that I haven't loved, my dream is to go to Vision Expo in New York.  This would be a dream come true for me as I would have the opportunity to be in one of my favorite cities surrounded by the inspiration of some of the best educators and most amazing fashion houses in the world.  Until then, I will continue to tap into the many other varied and amazing ways that we can educate ourselves in this industry and continue to strive to provide the best products and service that I can to the people that I touch.