Window Displays

Window displays are so important to change and do it frequently. Whenever I am out for the day, I am drawn to peek into a window of another retail optical shop. I am sometimes impressed with the eyewear chosen for the display but mostly disappointed with the lack of creativity and effort in execution. This is your way of flirting with the clients. Have fun with it. This is your way of inviting them in the shop to browse and potentially become yours as a client.

You can use props from the wholesalers but don't end it at that. Use other items that will differentiate you from the average joe shop.

I once used light bulbs of different colors and shapes. They were held up by fishing wire with the frames sitting on them.  It was a hit. Many would stop and look or take pictures. I can't tell you how many people walked in to say "what a bright idea, hehe". I say getting any reaction from your window displays is a great thing. So get creative!