The End of Summer [Maggie Sayers]

Florida summers can be quiet brutal; and this year is no exception. It is hot and muggy, mosquitos and other tiny critters have the time of their lives, and for us humans, it can get quite miserable. Interesting how our human-ness affects the business culture.

We are in a small coastal town. We do most of our business in the wintertime when we have plenty of "snowbirds". During summer, not so much going on.

As always, our plan at the beginning of the summer was to get creative, a little crazy here and there, organize everything, make a plan, devise the strategies, get ready for action.

And then, everything slows down, we get out of our routine, the team dynamics change, challenges arise, we get restless and irritable.

While we shall still have a few more weeks of hot weather in Florida, the end is in sight.

Just at the right moment these remarkable frames arrived:

Daytona by Blackfin distributed by Villa Eyewear

This high quality titanium lightweight frame makes my heart beat a little faster. I am in Love, again.

Peter SlapnicherComment